Balloon Earrings Test Sample

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 Why are these earrings in the sample sale?
These were test samples I created when designing the New Horizons collection. I ultimately decided that the balloons were too large and using a big oval cut gemstone to represent the entire balloon made these earrings too expensive, so I scrapped them.

I can't describe the excitement I feel when I'm playing Animal Crossing and I see a balloon present flying through the air. I quickly grab my slingshot and run to try to pop the balloon and collect my prize! I designed these delicate earrings in an attempt to express that excitement!

 solid 14 karat recycled yellow gold
stones: 0.85 carat oval cut AA grade pink tourmalines
✶ balloons measure 5.5mm wide x 9.1mm tall

All Soulbound jewelry is designed to be worn every day, on every adventure! Your jewelry may develop some minor scratches and dings along the way, but some people love the look of worn and aged jewelry! If you're not into that and would like to keep your jewelry looking shiny and new, follow the guidelines below. 


Please remove your gold jewelry before bathing, swimming, cleaning, or applying lotion. The chemicals in pool water, certain cleaning supplies and some face and hand lotions can erode the metal. When gold is broken down into tiny microscopic pieces, it appears black. This may result in a tarnished look on the metal and a black mark on your skin.

You can clean your gold jewelry with warm water, mild soap, and a soft bristled toothbrush (child and baby toothbrushes work well for this). Be sure to rinse and dry your jewelry thoroughly.
Use the gold polishing cloth included in your order for extra shine and to remove any tarnish. Sometimes 14 karat gold can tarnish a bit (particularly on earrings and the inside of rings) because of a reaction with your skin chemistry, but you can remove this tarnish easily.


Use the gemstone polishing cloth included in your order to clean the surface of your diamonds and gemstones easily. This will remove fingerprints, oils, and mositure.
Try to avoid dropping any jewelry containing diamonds or gemstones, as this can cause the stones to shift and they may become loose in their settings.


Please remove your rings before lifting heavy objects (furniture, boxes, hand-weights, etc.) to avoid bending the band.
Be careful not to drop your ring, as this can cause the stones to shift and they may become loose in their settings.
It is a good idea to remove your rings at night to give the skin on your fingers a chance to breathe.


Do not purchase white gold if you are allergic to nickel. Yellow gold and rose gold do not contain any nickel, so these are safer choices.

If you're interested in ordering a piece of Soulbound jewelry with alternate gemstones, please see the alternate gemstones page!

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