Hi! I'm Kelly and I've been obsessed with video games and pixel art for as long as I can remember. Growing up I spent all of my free time playing video games and drawing video game fan art (yes, I know that I am a huge geek. In middle school I also tried to teach myself Sindarin elvish - the common form of elvish spoken in the Lord of the Rings, but we won't talk about that). In my early teens I fell in love with pixel art and spent hours creating pixel sprites in MS Paint. These super geeky passions led me to focus my education on art and design.

In 2012, I earned a Bachelor's degree in Apparel Design from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). I spent a year working in the fashion industry, but I didn't love it. I then created a collection of clothing (inspired by Rainbow Cloud, the last level in Pokémon Snap) for StyleWeek Northeast. I wanted my models to be wearing jewelry for the runway show, so I taught myself how to make costume jewelry. I then realized that jewelry design was my true passion, so after the fashion show I totally shifted gears and tried to break into the jewelry industry. I was lucky enough to land a job as a bench jeweler at a jewelry company in New York City where I learned everything I needed to know to start my own business and create jewelry that expressed my love of video games!

I started Soulbound in 2014 selling brass costume jewelry inspired by video game characters and low poly graphics. After about 2 years of business, I decided that I wanted to take my little jewelry company to the next level. I attended the Gemological Institute of America, where I studied fine jewelry design, 3D CAD modeling, diamond grading, and colored gemstone identification. This allowed me to transform Soulbound into its final form! In July 2017, I re-launched Soulbound with a brand new line of pixel-inspired fine jewelry!

My dream is to become the go-to jewelry designer for gamers across the world. I would love to help people - like me - who truly love video games and would like a beautiful piece of jewelry to represent this passion. I also want Soulbound to be a friendly and approachable fine jewelry company. Please feel free to contact me via email, social media, or in-game!

Soulbound is a line of video game inspired jewelry designed and crafted in New York City with the finest materials - recycled gold, conflict-free diamonds, and natural colored gemstones. 

The term "soulbound" is used in video games to describe items that cannot be given to another player. Items that are "soulbound" are typically rare and powerful. All Soulbound jewelry is designed to last a lifetime, so it can be "soulbound" to you forever!

In addition to my pixel-inspired fine jewelry, I am more than happy to accept custom commissions or create any of the pieces in my main collection with alternate gemstones. You can find more information about custom designs here. To inquire about using alternate gemstones, please email info@soulboundnyc.com.

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