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Hero of Time

 "The three great goddesses, their labors completed, departed for the heavens and golden sacred triangles remained at the point where the goddesses left the world."
- The...

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Fairy Companions

"Hey!" "Listen!"
These whimsical designs are inspired by fairies, the magical, winged creatures from the Legend of Zelda series. Link's faithful fairy companion offer's wisdom and guidance.

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New Horizons

A love letter to my favorite video game series of all time: Animal Crossing.
I've played every single game, and they all have a special place...

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Soulbound's 4th Birthday!

4 years ago today, Soulbound officially launched, after I spent over a year preparing my first collection, the website, all of my packaging, and vi...

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✶ Spooky Pumpkin Pie ✶

This silky smooth pumpkin pie is sugar-free, grain-free, and can also be lectin-free if you use sweet potato puree instead of pumpkin puree like I ...