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Soulbound is a one-woman company run by me - Kelly!

I've been a geek and a gamer for as long as I can remember. For me, video games have always been a fun way to escape reality and lose myself in different magical worlds. I have fond memories playing SNES and Nintendo 64 games with my family and playing pretend as various Sailor Moon characters with my sister and our neighbors as a child (I was Sailor Jupiter). In my teenage years, World of Warcraft is what brought my husband Ken and I together! Almost 2 decades later, we still find time to play video games together every day - even if it's just a bit of Zelda after we put our daughter to bed!


I have a deep understanding of how geeky passions can have a profound impact on people's lives, and I channel my own passion for the video games and manga series that I've enjoyed throughout my life into my jewelry.

I hope that this love shows through in my designs!


After being introduced to the world of video games by my father, I spent most of my youth playing Nintendo 64 and drawing geeky fan art. My teenage years continued with much of the same - tons of video games, drawings and pixel art, but I also tried to teach myself how to speak Sindarin - the form of elvish language most commonly spoken in the Lord of the Rings.

I lived much of my life online and frequented art forums where I would offer commissions for illustrations or pixel art in exchange for forum currency (does anyone remember the pixel art forum Eden Enchanted?!). All of these nerdy but creative passions ultimately led me to pursue an education in art and design.

In 2012, I earned a Bachelor's degree in Apparel Design from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and spent a year working in the fashion industry.

I was invited to participate in StyleWeek Northeast's Spring/Summer 2013 runway show. My collection was inspired by Rainbow Cloud, the last level in Pokémon Snap. I wanted my models to be wearing jewelry for the runway show, so I taught myself how to make brass necklaces with glass gemstones. I realized then that jewelry design was my true passion.

After the fashion show I did everything I could to break into the jewelry industry. I was lucky enough to land a job as a bench jeweler at a costume jewelry company in New York City where I learned everything I needed to know to start my own business and sell jewelry that expressed my life-long love of video games!

I started Soulbound in 2014 selling brass and silver pendant necklaces inspired by video game characters and low poly graphics on Etsy and at various craft fairs and comic book conventions. After 2 years, I decided to take my little jewelry company to the next level. I attended the Gemological Institute of America, where I studied fine jewelry design, 3D CAD modeling, diamond grading, and colored gemstone identification.

This allowed me to transform Soulbound into its final form!

In July 2017, I re-launched Soulbound as a fine-jewelry company featuring video game inspired designs that are handcrafted from the highest quality materials in New York City.

My dream is to become the go-to fine jewelry designer for gamers around the world.

I would love to help people like me who truly love video games and would like a beautiful piece of jewelry to express their passion.
I also want Soulbound to be a friendly and approachable fine jewelry company.
Please feel free to contact me any time via email, social media, or in-game!