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In celebration of World of Warcraft Classic, new pieces inspired by my favorite class - Priest - launched today on the site!

Inspired by Priests (the healing spell-casters from online role-playing games like World of Warcraft) the center diamond in this ethereal ring is surrounded by a sparkling diamond halo and intricate golden angel wings.

The perfect match for the Priest Ring, the Band of Fortitude is inspired by decorative churches of old.

One of my favorite things about being a priest in World of Warcraft is that I can resurrect other players. It's the best when a random player dies while they're in the middle of doing a quest. They're expecting to have to run all the way back to their corpse from the graveyard, but I save them all that hassle by bringing them back to life!

The Earrings of Fortitude

Inspired by priests - the healing class in World of Warcraft. I'm playing a night elf priest right now and I'm having so much fun healing my fiancé and all of our friends!