NYC Hidden Gems: Lady M in the Fall

Lady M is a small chain of bakeries with locations in New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Shanghai. Their flagship bakery is in my neighborhood - on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, on 78th street. They specialize in gorgeous cakes and are famous for their Mille Crêpes cake, which is composed of twenty paper-thin crêpes layered with pastry cream.

I especially love visiting Lady M in the fall, because they have several seasonal cakes that are only available for a short time. Today my brother Ryan and I ordered slices of two cakes that are only available in early fall - the Chocoloate Mille Crêpe and the Pumpkin Nuage.


The Chocoloate Mille Crêpe cake is essentially a chocolate version of Lady M's signature Mille Crêpes cake. There are no less than twenty layers of delicate chocolate crêpes with chocolate pastry cream in between. If you love chocolate, you need to try this cake. The flavor is light and not bitter; the pastry cream makes the overall flavor taste more like milk-chocolate than dark chocolate. It is surprisingly filling though, and my brother actually struggled to finish his slice!


The Pumpkin Nuage cake is incredible. It's almost like a combination of pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake. The texture is light and airy, but the pumpkin flavor is strong. The thin graham cracker crust is spiced with the perfect amount of cinnamon to compliment and support the flavor of the delicate cream-cheese cake. It's like taking an elegant bite of autumn.


Lady M also has a great assortment of teas. This time we split a pot of Indian Chai Spice tea, which is an Assam black tea flavored with cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. It was delicious.

Although Lady M has wonderful cakes all year-round, I would highly recommend visiting in the fall. Keep in mind that most of their locations are small and get very crowded! It's best to visit during a weekday at an odd time (morning, middle of the day, or early afternoon) if you'd like to sit and enjoy your cakes in the bakery.

I can't stop thinking about that Pumpkin Nuage cake. I might have to go get another slice after finishing this blog post!

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