NYC Hidden Gems: Sweet Moment

August 02, 2017

NYC Hidden Gems: Sweet Moment

Sweet Moment is a dessert cafe located in downtown Manhattan between Little Italy and Chinatown. It's known for its vibrant latte art and bingsoo, which is a Korean dessert that consists of shaved ice and various sweet toppings. My brother Ryan and I split a small matcha black sesame bingsoo and we each got a "cream art" latte. Mine was matcha flavored and his was red velvet.

I assumed that these lattes would be hot, but they're actually served cold. It's weird. The latte is cold-brew coffee with a whipped cream/white chocolate top. Since the top is so thick, you actually get a little bit of it with each sip, which is nice because it sweetens each sip of coffee. The lattes are relatively small, but they have a surprising amount of caffeine. I ended up drinking both of our lattes and I was lit AF.


The matcha black sesame bingsoo was delicious, but very sweet. The shaved ice itself is milk flavored and there were little bits of mochi towards the bottom of the cup. We probably should have gotten the larger size, because that's served in a nice metal bowl instead of a plastic cup. You can check out the nice looking bingsoo on Sweet Moment's instagram.


All in all, Sweet Moment is a great little cafe. The bingsoo is a once-in-a-while treat for me since it's so sweet, but I'll definitely be back whenever I'm in the area for a cream art cold-brew latte.

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