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Magical new pieces inspired by mages, the spell-casting class in role-playing games.

I'm really pushing myself to make all of the rings in my RPG-inspired collection full of intricate details. I want these pieces to look like they belong in a fantasy world and were rare loot found in a chest at the end of a dungeon!

The newest ring in my on-going RPG inspired collection is the Mage Ring.
On either side of the blue topaz center stone are ornate curving forms, ribbons, and tiny watchful eyes.

The second wedding band in my rpg-inspired collection is the Band of Intellect. I designed it to be a perfect match for the Mage Ring, but it will also stack nicely with the Warlock Ring! I'm planning to have every class' engagement rings and wedding bands be interchangeable, so people can combine classes into their own unique ring stacks!

Inspired by the Kirin Tor - an elite order of the most powerful mages in the World of Warcraft, this mystical necklace and threader earrings feature a danging diamond eye.

The chain length allows the earrings to be threaded through one or two piercings.