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Soulbound is officially 1 year old! This has absolutely been the craziest and most exciting year of my life!

I'm so lucky that I get to do what I love every day - create beautiful video game inspired fine jewelry for passionate gamers like me. Whether you've purchased Soulbound jewelry or just follow Soulbound on Instagram, I cannot thank you enough for your support.

I'm excited for what I have planned for Soulbound's 2nd year! A huge new collection, variations on classic pieces, and a new, way prettier website are all coming very soon!

I can't believe it's been one year since I made the terrifying decision to quit my full time job and start my own small fine jewelry business. There have been a ton of ups and downs including a few times where I felt so overwhelmed that I almost gave up, but I've received so much encouragement from friends, family, fellow designers, and especially my Instagram followers.

Your kind words mean more to me than I could ever express! Thank you for following along on this journey with me!