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^ foil pressing the invitations with my new platen press!

^ making earring inspired escort cards on my dining table

Where were you?

I took a hiatus for a few months this year to prepare for my wedding, spend more time with family, and enjoy all of the pre-wedding things - like my bridal shower (pictured above).
I also foolishly chose to DIY way too many aspects of the wedding, including designing and printing all of the stationary (invitations, escort cards, place cards, table signs, etc.) and making custom jewelry for myself and the entire bridal party. I also needed time to get back in shape after having a baby!

Since Soulbound is still a one-woman business, I had to put the shop on pause for a bit. I can't thank you all enough for being so patient with me!

Once I have all of the professional photos and videos of the wedding, I'll be sure to share them with you. I'm also planning on launching a new mini collection of jewelry based on the pieces I made for myself and my bridesmaids!


New logo!

During my hiatus, I also worked behind the scenes updating Soulbound's website and branding. The new logo is a drawing I made of the Triforce earrings I designed for my wedding (which will be available to purchase soon!) and the diamond wings featured in some of my most popular Sailor Moon inspired rings.

New website!

You'll notice that the website is new too! I thought it was about time Soulbound had a refresh, and the new website is meant to be lighter, brighter, and more simple to use. I also reworked and created new pages with helpful information, like the F.A.Q. page, jewelry care page, and ring size chart.

Customize any piece of jewelry!

I also created customizable pages for EVERY PRODUCT on the website! This was a huge goal that I've had for a long time, and I'm so happy to say that it's finally done! If a product contains a gemstone, you'll now see a little rainbow button in the product description that allows you to customize the gemstones in the design.

You can view a gallery of all of the custom pieces I've created on the website and on my instagram as well. I hope this makes ordering custom Soulbound jewelry easier!


New designs are on the way!

I've got a ton of new designs to share! I'll be launching one every other Friday, so be sure to check back on the website, sign up for my newsletter (at the bottom of the page) or follow me on Instagram for updates!

More website updates coming soon!

My goal is to have a video of each piece of jewelry being rotated and worn on the website, as well as images of recommended stacking combinations for all the rings!

Un-plated white gold!

I absolutely love unplated white gold, and I'm planning to officially offer it as an option for all of my jewelry soon! Since Soulbound is a one-woman company, adding this metal option to each product is going to take some time. If you don't want to wait for me though, you can always request un-plated white gold in your order notes or by sending me an email at

If you have no idea what un-plated white gold is - stay tuned! I'll be making a page for the website fully explaining it, and diving into the differences between all of the metals I offer.

New packaging is in the works!

In addition to redesigning Soulbound's logo and website, I'm working on upgrading Soulbound's packaging, including custom made jewelry boxes, and hand-pressed (by me!) gold foil thank you cards. I might make some custom stickers and washi tape too!

Follow me on instagram for a behind the scenes look at my rebranding process!


Get ready for Soulbound's annual sample sale!

As usual, I'll be holding a sample sale this year, starting on Friday, November 24th, and ending on Friday, December 22nd.

This is the only sale Soulbound ever has, because I price my jewelry fairly from the start. All the regular items on the website are priced based on the high quality materials I use (recycled 14 karat gold, conflict-free diamonds, and ethically sourced colored gemstones), and the fact that they're created by myself and NYC artisans who are paid a fair wage - enough to support their families. Unlike most companies, I do not work higher profit margins into my jewelry prices to accommodate sales. I prefer to set my prices as low as possible all year round.


The sample sale is different!

This is where I sell test samples I created when working on new designs, samples of discontinued styles, and jewelry made by mistake (wrong size, etc.). Since these pieces are not brand new, I sell them at a discount - anywhere between 25-50% off! Technically this means that I'm selling many of these pieces at a loss, but I see it as a way to thank you all for your support ♡

It's a great time to grab a truly unique piece (the test samples are one-of-a-kind), or a special holiday gift for a loved one.
These items go fast though - the majority of sample sale pieces sell out in 15 minutes! Be sure to check the website at midnight (EST) on November 24th to grab your jewelry before it's gone!