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After dating for over 17 years and postponing our wedding mulitple times due to the pandemic,
Ken and I finally had the wedding of our dreams on June 10th, 2023


Ken and I are passionate about good, nutritious food, especially since I've been plagued by digestive issues that typically make my diet very limited. Blue Hill at Stone Barns is a working four-season farm, so all of the food served at our wedding was created with seasonal ingredients grown on-site, including the sourdough bread. Since everything is so fresh and head chef Dan Barber places an emphasis on old cooking styles including slow fermentation, this is the only restaurant in the world where I can digest all of the food with no problem!

As an added bonus, the venue is absolutely stunning and fit right into our medieval fantasy theme!



Since Ken and I are so busy with our jobs and our daughter, hiring a wedding planner was such an unbelievable help. Sara was so warm and reassuring, and went along with all of my crazy ideas! On the wedding day especially, she made us feel like royalty. I was able to really live in the moment and enjoy every second of the wedding, knowing that Sara had everything under control!

She stuck with us through all the ups and downs of our 4 year wedding planning process, through pandemic rescheduling and our 2021 elopement. At this point, she feels like family!



We can't say enough good things about the entire team behind Forged In The North. Ryan and Heidi - a husband and wife duo - are not only the most talented photographers and videographers we know, but also an inspiration for us as a young family running a small business. They absolutely nailed the cinematic look we were going for with our wedding photos and video. Everything looks like a dramatic fantasy movie, and we're obsessed.



Another vendor who completely understood the look we were going for and exceeded our expectations was our florist, Fox Fodder Flowers. There are also quite a few gamers and geeks on their team, which was an added bonus! This incredible floral tunnel they created in the hallway that lead to the top of the hayloft (where our guests ate dinner) was such a memorable moment. I felt like I was walking into the Lost Woods!



We still cannot believe that the Triforce Quartet actually played at our wedding! I've been listening to their music while I work for years. They are a traditional string quartet that arranges and plays classical renditions of our favorite video game music. We love them so much, that we asked them to play during our ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner! I walked down the aisle to their version of Zelda's Lullaby.

I urge you all to go listen to their music on spotify. They're incredible.



Ken was adamant that we had to have an excellent band at our wedding reception. While we're not dancers ourselves, we appreciate good music and a good show! The entire team at Sound Society is so talented, that it was a joy just to watch them perform as we sat down, drank coffee and ate dessert.



My wedding dress was a custom one-of-a-kind white and gold version of the Tying the Knot gown by Reem Acra with a matching beaded cape.

I am very petite (4’9”), so I knew that I needed a gown completely custom made to fit my tiny frame, and ideally I wanted to find a designer who deeply understood my proportions. Reem Acra was the answer to my prayers. She is a petite woman herself, and not only did she make my dress entirely from scratch to fit my measurements, she also allowed me to change the color of the beading from silver to gold to match all of the gold jewelry I created for my wedding day. We also changed the fabric to a light ivory to increase the contrast and let the gold and pearl embellishments really shine! To complete the look, I wore the Myrtle Tiara from Anna Marguerite in gold.



All of my bridesmaids were wearing the Althea dress from Jenny Yoo, which gave a perfect fantasy princess vibe. I wanted each of them to wear a different color. Lilac mist, whisper blue, and sage all reminded me of fairies from the Legend of Zelda and were an ideal combination to compliment the other colors in the florals, wedding details and the stationery.

Two of my bridesmaids wore the Delicate Leaf Tiara from Anna Marguerite - one in gold and the other in silver. My maid of honor wore the Petite Myrtle Tiara from Anna Marguerite in gold.



Of course I created custom jewelry for myself, my husband, and the entire bridal party.

My earrings were inspired by Princess Zelda’s earrings from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but I also incorporated the gold bow motif that’s repeated in my wedding dress. My necklace is a solid 14 karat gold replica of the ornate family crest I designed for our wedding invitations, with a marquise cut diamond at the top and a small blue sapphire on the back as my “something blue”. In addition to my wedding rings, I wore several Soulbound rings, including the Goddesses' Relic Ring.

I created custom 14 karat gold and precious gemstone earrings and necklaces for each of the bridesmaids.
For my husband, a shield shaped lapel pin in solid 14 karat white gold that featured the custom monogram I designed for our wedding invitations. Each of the groomsmen had their own unique gold lapel pin, and our ring bearer wore a replica of The One Ring from the Lord of the Rings on a chain around his neck and a lapel pin inspired by Sting, Frodo’s magical elven sword, because he’s the ring bearer after all!

To celebrate my one year anniversary, I've added versions of the jewelry I created for myself and my bridal party to the website, including mini versions of my Princess Zelda inspired earrings, the rupee charms and fairy dangle earrings I created for each of my bridesmaids, and the triforce pendant I made for my daughter Kira, the flower girl.


I'm not a big makeup person, but I am a very tired small business owner and mom, so I needed to find makeup artists that could make me look like I get enough sleep, and simply enhance my own and my bridesmaid's natural beauty. I love the barely there makeup look the team at Miss Harlequin was able to achieve for us. We all still look like ourselves which was so important to me!

For my hair, I brought reference photos of Princess Zelda from Breath of the Wild. We replicated her chunky braid, leaving little pieces in front and tucking my tiara behind. For the rest of my hair, I wanted very loose curls. Nothing too perfect - just natural Arwen/Zelda vibes!



Ken has light blue eyes and a fair complexion with cool undertones, so he looks amazing in light gray. As an added bonus, I think this light gray suit from Suit Supply reminds me a bit of armor, so Ken's outfit is a very subtle reference to medieval knights! His golden tie matches the gold beading on my wedding dress, which is something he didn't know until we had our first look!



We stuck with the gray theme for the groomsmen but gave them all darker gray suits from the Black Tux so that Ken would clearly stand out. They wore silver ties and I created one-of-a-kind 14 karat gold lapel pins for each of them as well.



Since Ken and I are not dancers, the reception furniture rentals were really important to us! We made sure to have plenty of outdoor seating so that non-dancers like ourselves could sit, enjoy a drink, listen to the band and have a nice conversation.

We looked into quite a few different rental companies, but Luxe had the best variety, including these deep forest green sofas and chairs, gold leather benches, and live edge wooden coffee tables.